Making Correction of Entries in BC’s a Lot Easier and Cheaper (Republic Act 10172)

26 08 2012

It’s nice to know that now the local civil registrar can now also correct entries on the following entries:

1.  Date of birth;

2.  Gender.

I remember I had to file in court a correction of entry for the change of gender which my client found out late afternoon after she received a copy of the birth certificate.  The following day she went to the person who made the entry to ask that it be corrected.  As fate would have it, the birth certificate was already registered in the local civil registrar.  Because this law was not yet in force, my client had to file a case in court to correct what was obviously a clerical error on the part of the one who made the entry.  The case was “relatively” swift by Philippine judicial proceedings standards (6 months).  But there was a need for filing fees, publication and attorney’s fees.

“Under the new law, the city or municipal registrar may correct clerical or typographical errors in the day and month of date of birth or gender without a court order.

The previous law did not include the entries on date of birth and gender among the exemptions on court approval requirement and only specified entries on first name and nickname in the civil register.”

Because of this law, such a case would now be an administrative (not a legal/judicial proceeding). Translation:  no more expensive legal and filing fees and faster results.



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One response

28 08 2012
Felomina Alajar Giganto

I am Felomina Alajar Giganto. I was born on August 10, 1957 but when my father asked for my birth certificate in the civil registrar at Bago City Negros Occidental instead of August 10, 1957 he registered my date of birth on August 10, 1960. A few months later i found out that he gave an incorrect information. Can I change my date of birth in the civil registrar at Bago City without expensive fee and court order? All my records shows that I was born August 10, 1957.

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